Past ClaSSES


The Couture Dress - May 15-20, 2019

In this six-day workshop, students learned couture techniques for creating and individualizing their own custom dress. 

Claire Shaeffer brought in several haute couture dresses and gowns to inspect and learn from. 

A pattern was drafted and personalized for each student to fit and flatter.

Students started on their own couture dresses and were well on their way to completing their projects by the end of the workshop. Detailed finishing instructions were provided for each student. 


Have a Fit! - January 10-12, 2019

In this workshop the students come away with a working personalized pattern block for torso (moulage) sleeve and pant. Patterns were drafted and fitted by Barbie and Linda, then students were instructed on basic pattern drafting techniques, such as dart manipulation, slash and spread, and creating unique seam lines. They can then use their blocks to make all styles of dresses, skirts, jackets, tops, pants, shorts, ect. 


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